I never knew how much I wanted you...


Can anyone else relate to being that mom who only wished for a healthy baby, not a boy or girl, but then fell to pieces with emotion when you discovered your babes gender? That was me. I never expected to be so overcome with joy and excitement to learn I was having a girl, especially as a boy mom at the time. I truly never cared either way...or so I thought.

I can't lie, it has been many loads of pink and purple laundry, hair accessories 'till kingdom come and all the expected notions, but it has also been a delight to sit back and see my sweet little girl grow into the strong and beautiful child she is today. Strength is definitely her clothing. I feel so blessed for all of my children, however today I've stumbled upon her ultrasound and felt the wave of emotions roll over me as if it were yesterday.

I just felt like sharing, and I'd love to hear your story too...if you'd like to comment.
Have a wonderful day!

by mlekoshi