Fresh Outtakes is my pride and joy, a company that was born out of the need to find a colorful and intuitive memory album for my children. I love the way that they are able to go beyond the birth and baby stages, all the way into toddler years. I'm so grateful that I was able to create these for my family. The cherry on top for me was when I took them to the Seattle Gift Show and was enthusiastically received by store owners, other parents and customers who have enjoyed them as much as I have.  It has been the ultimate compliment.

Like most creative people I have been lucky to experience success in different areas of design. I have really enjoyed working as an independent contractor for home staging, remodels as well as working in photography and production design. These jobs have allowed me to enjoy the best of two worlds as a mother.

Creativity is simply in my DNA. I feel lucky to have it even though sometimes it makes me restless and I can't help it or even harness it. I figure this blog is a good place to write or share some ideas that my kids enjoy, and give you a window into my world and where the products you've bought have come from.

My blogworthy goal is much like my fitness goals...slow and steady. I'd hate to pull something.

I hope to hear from you out there!

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by mlekoshi